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Welcome to our brand new custom built micro-bakery.

Built in 2015 our lovely, small (home run) business and all our treats are 'FULLY CERTIFIED & ACCREDITED BY TRADING STANDARDS'.  Our EC Feed Hygiene Reg Number is: GB286 R1900.  Also, we are a 'legally insured business', a 'Registered Manufacture of Pet Foods', have our treats regularly tested in accordance to Pet Food laws and our 'CPH number is: 37/117/8015'.

IMPORTANT FOR YOU & YOUR DOGS ... All bakeries for dogs/pets (ESPECIALLY if run from home), should have the above certifications and follow strict procedures for the safety of your dog, otherwise they are not trading legally. Please be aware of all this when/if purchasing online or from dog shows, market stalls etc... and don't be afraid to ask for proof.

We've spent hours, days, weeks, months .... infact since 2008 we haven't stopped baking and creating wholesome, delicious, luxury treats for very lucky dogs!!!

Our unique ideas, designs, confectionery treats & our very popular 'Doggy Cupcakes with Slogans' have become a major part of our brand and have been described as 'ground-breaking' within the pet trade (which is very nice indeed).


From day one we asked for advice from officials and we are proud to have ensured all our treats are legally certified and accredited by Trading Standards.

Our goodies have passed stringent tests with Trading Standards and have their own 'Compostition' breakdown along with important & necessary 'Analytical Constituents' information. (All this is shown for each treat on our website under the 'Ingredients' page.)

Even though we are a home run, small, (very busy) pet bakery we are a legally insured business and a registered Manufacture of Pet Foods, our EC Feed Hygiene Reg No for Wilson's Pet Bakery is:  GB286 R190

These are very important factors to look for and to be aware of when buying any pet treats or foods - especially from online businesses or market stalls.  We want you to feel completely safe & secure in every aspect when you purchase from us & spoil your pooch!  Please feel free to call if you ever have any questions - we're always happy to help.  Also, our treats have had the rubber-stamp of approval from TV programmes such as 'This Morning' ITV1, 'Junior Bake Off' BBC2 & CCB and 'Something for the Weekend' BBC2.

We are meticulous in every detail to make sure everything we do is totally correct and perfect for your beloved dogs.  We honestly promise we are dedicated to making sure our treats, business ethics and customer service are the very best you could possibly find in the UK or even further afield!