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Please allow approx 4-8 days full delivery time. Usually, an order leaves us after approx 3 - 5 days.  Then it's sent by courier, so that may take another 1 - 3 days to arrive.

We promise we will always get your order made and dispatched as quickly as possible, so it may arrive before the 4 -8 days.

Each treat will vary in weight due to it being handmade.  The delivery price is shown on Checkout and may be lower for multiple purchases.

Feel free to e-mail us if you need a more accurate delivery date or have any special delivery instructions.

IMPORTANT: Our treats will not fit through a letter box, so someone at the delivery address will have to accept the parcel from the delivery driver.

On the Checkout page advise us of any 'special delivery instructions', for example: if you require the parcel to be left with a desired neighbour or in a safe place.

Ensure the parcel is not left in a warm place or in the sunshine.